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. the nationals are in the middle of a three game series against the n-l east leading phillies. now the good news fillies started and they are 0-7 against the nationals this season. the worst against any time. first inning the nationals get to him yet again. jason can't quite get to it so danny scores all the way from first base. that is a triple for desmond his third of the season. the nationals lead 1-0. third inning phillies are now leading. howard's 30th homerun this season. the nationals fall to the phillies 5-2. >> elsewhere the yankees and orioles and guthrie having some trouble in the first. posada gets it into it. y wiggington's glove and out. they take the early 2-0 lead. the yankees are up 4-2 when robinson unloads on guthrie. not called the bronx bombers for nothing, folks. they win 11-3. >> it is almost time for off the wall. martin what are you and i going to discuss after the bra he can? >> how about a little controversy? 40 who should be in the locker room and who had the best week in the nfl the opening week. >> i can't wait to hear your answers. i'm sure they are wrong. stick ar
the eagles up. philly up 21-3. he has wheels, too. 28-3 is your final. michael vick looks like the real deal in philly. >>> the giants hosting the tennessee titans. first quarter giants trail 3-0. manning will get some pressure. he steps up and wings it into the end-zone. left-handed. and the titans tip it. and jason mccordy makes the interception. the giants are three turnovers on the day. third quarter titans down 12- 10. vince young connects with ken before this time for 23 yards. it new york drops to 1-3. >>> browns and ravens. ray lewis makes his introduction. the homeowner versus the browns. first quarter they fell 13-7. and he throws to antoine boldin. 21 yards for the touch 3 down. they hook-up for three scores. boldin with three catches for 132 yards. the ravens defeat the browns to improve to 2-1. >>> when we return, another way and another win that got away from donovan mcnabb with some perspective when we return.  we are united by a common purpose. but we come from different walks of life and different branches of service. you can trace our journeys in the lines on our faces,
be hubs in new york, philly, baltimore and the district. the trip would be much shorter with trains rocketing at 220 miles per hour. new york to washington, 95 minutes instead of two hours and 42 minutes. through the projected increase in ridership would mean fewer people flying between the cities amtrak sevens. the catch is that the project is expected to cost $117 billion not a peppy is funded yet. >>> texting or talking while driving has been blamed for countless accidents i'm new study shows that cell phone bans might not help. researchs are study four states with bans. they found accidents went up in three of those states. the highway loss data institute doesn't know why. one theory is that people try to hide their phones in their lap leading to crashes. meantime, metro is jumping on the push to stop texting and driving. bob barnard explains how. >> reporter: have you teen the new ad campaign to get you to stop texting while trying inform this guy would look up, he would see it right there in the back of the metrobus. >> i couldn't figure out what it was. i did wonder what it w
. which is better, dc or philly? his tail of two cities is coming up. topper. >> that's easy. all right, we stepped outside. right now northwest, it is quiet. very humid out. i want to show you titan. gives you an idea of the wide doppler. look at the moisture entering richmond. it is going to haul northward. we're going to come back. we may update the time frame. stay tuned. >>> but first, maryland's cell phone ban goes into effect tomorrow and retailers in the area can't keep their hands free devices on store shelves. we'll be back. [ electronic humming ] [ announcer ] complete opposites... in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ dance rock ] ♪ hey ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] the combination only honda could engineer. the all-new cr-z sport hybrid. ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious or 100 calories? ♪ with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. ♪ it's the perfect parfait, with two indulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt and only 100 calories. yoplait delights. get rid of the
tomorrow. >>> the nationals-phillies. desmond launches the rocket. that will bounce around into the corner. making his way to the plate, around third, to relate to the plate. the throat -- he is safe. the phillies with the big bats tonight. to run home run. the phillies quiet the nationals, 5-2. >>> the yankees, cc sabathia became the first 20-game winner in the national league. believe it or not, but in his career, he has won 20 games in >>> next couple days, mid 80's. no rain accompanying the clouds. fairly call week as the fall officially kicks off. >> thank you for being with us. a saturday news extra is next. hey ella! hey. here's boulder. ok, see you in an hour. [ boulder barks ] bye, bye. here we go. come on boulder. aah! [ dog barks ] aah! come on, guys! daisy! whoo! aah! [ female announcer ] lunchables cheese pizza -- now with mandarin oranges. because a great lunch, inspires great ideas. ♪ [ dog barks ] there's power in a great lunch. ♪ it doesn't get better than this ♪ it's a belief in everything we do. it's a 5 year, 50,000 mile promise. with complimentary scheduled maint
and phillies open up some distance. mrus, an amazing trick shot goes in. but is it a hole in one or worth two points? your early morning sports headlines are just ahead. >>> even though we're heading into fall, the summer heat refuses to go away. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early today." in sorts, the yankees jumped all over the visiting tampa bay rays last night to seize control of the american league east. here is mario with an early look at all your sports headlines. >>> good morning. with only 11 games left in the season wibt appears that the yankees are finally pulling away in the a.l. east. bombers jumping all over the rays. number 27 for the swisher king, 1-0, yanks. a few batters later, lance berkman joins the fun. here come two more runs. yankees score five in the first. they go on 8-3 and now have a 2 1/2 game lead in the east. >>> twins and minnesota, a white sox socks puts minnesota on top in the eighth inning with an rbi single. danny valencia beats the throw home. twins up by four. twins are the
out of it. >>> high school football and ch flowers meet overtime to decide their battle. the phillies dominate the redskins and they're standing patient as he hos to get on field as a hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honking ] hey, there's one rightp the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! >>> pope benedict is pushing forward with the state visit in great britain despite what appears to be a threat agains him. earlier today police in london arrested six men in a suspected terror plot. five of them work as street cleaners in central london. the vatican says the threat did not alter the pope's busy schedule. today he attended mass with the arn bir archbishop of canterbury. it's the first time the pope has visited westminster abby. >>> the taliban has promised to disrupt the parliamentary elections. officials say they won't even try to open some polling locations because they can't guarantee everybody's safety. but presi
nabb, who went back to philly, yeah, right. he played a total of 148 games during his 11-year tenure with the eagles and leads the franchise. on april 4th, a trade and that brought him to the redskins to direct mike shanahan's offense and sunday, he'll play against the former team for the first time. if it's a big deal, the 33-year- old is not letting on. >> i think we have more motivation than me going back to philly and i have been wanting to, a must-win game for us and we feel like to possibly be 2-0 in the division and, you know, there is a lot of factors that play into this and if it's an added bonus for them to try to win this game for me, that is great. >> he was there for 11 years and brought a lot of wins to the team, a lot of good times and -- to so him back on the opposite side of the field. >> they booed santa and you have to expect some boos and there are going be fans there that appreciate everything that he brought to that program and that is -- there is probably going to be cheering as well. >> mcnabb's return to philly was supposed to match him up against kevin cobb.
is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> good afternoon, it's philly week, a lot like dallas week and with philly. there is this, too. thank you. donovan mcnabb is playing in philadelphia for someone other than the eagles. the counterpart in philly will make the third start of the year when the skin comes to town. last week, threw for 3 touchdowns, ran for one more and meanwhile, member in fact -- mcnabb, still working on getting the skins offensive gear against the texans and that team lost against the rams and if mcnabb goes to the city of not very brotherly love. >> i have always said this is a normal game and in this situation, obviously for us it's a must-win, you know, coming off of two losses like we have had these last two weeks, you know, no matter who we're playing. we have to come out and execute and come out a win. by any means necessary. >> reporter: flip saunders and his roster of 19 took the floor at the patriot center for midnight madness. arenas -- and got an elevation with the attendance and top overall pick john w
to look at the eagles and giants. they went 0-6 in the division last year. the phillies opening up at home against the packers. a tough opener for new qb hall was taken down hard by clay matthews. he would have to leave the game diagnosed with a concussion. enter michael vick. eagles down 20-3 in the third. first and ten and the blitz is coming. and look at this vintage vick he gets out of trouble and on the move a31-yard green to the green bay two hits set up a td to bring the eagles to within ten. later in the third packers still un ten. aaron rogers hooks up with greg jennings a beautiful pass. beautiful 32-yard td. green bay is up 27-10. we move two minutes left in this game eagles down 7 with the 4th and one. vick is tough. the packers defense hold him and hold on to the win. green bay's first win in philly since 1962. >> i was proud of the way the guys finished. you know, it ended upcoming right down to that last drive. you know, doggone, one yard and they were still moving that thing and putting it in and playing some overtime. >> ultimately i believe in myself and i believe in the
at the forecast. mid-80s in most locations, 88 in philly, in d.c. we should be around 91. i think d.c. will see three days in a row of 90-degree heat so once again you'll turn the air conditioner back on just when you thought you were finally done. the rest of the country, the big warm-up continues out there. especially in areas around dallas to atlanta or orlando, this has been a very hot week and today it will continue. the one area that cools off is arizona. today we could get rain at about 91 so we actually are going to have a tropical depression in the bay of california. it's going to send some of that moisture to phoenix of all places. could have flash flooding the next two days. >> 91 in washington today. >> going to be 94 it looks like thursday or friday. >> wow, late september heat. all right, bill. thanks so much. turn to sports now and start with the heated pennant race. yankees hoping to pad their slim lead over the rays there, bottom of the first, nick swisher, getting things going right out of the box. solo shot to right field in the first inning, 27th home run of the season. 1-0,
. not by choice, though. >>> lindsay, what's coming up in sports? >> the nationals tried to stop the phillies fr celebrating on their field. their field. clinton portis with an injury four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. rst, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jk up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich b banks and billionares don't need help. mile cde do. >>> more than 100 protestors were arrested outside the white hose tod. they were part of a large demonstration against mountaintop removal mining. they asked the president to ban what they believe is a relatively unsafe practice. mountaintop mining involves clearing forests and blowin holes in the earth to dispose of coal. sometimes the debris is dumped in valleys and streams. >> a man was carged with murder in the deathf a baseball player. andrew gallo was c
on the red-h hot if phillies. a runner on and this is a good piece of hitting. it goes opposite to the field and hustling around the bases, relay throw and desmond ends up third can an rbi triple. they get a 1-0 lead. bottom of the third and ryan howard with a man aboard, see ya! his 30th home run and that sets a record with five straight seasons with 30 homers and 100 rbis. the phillies in front, 4-1. top of the eighth, nats down by three and they fall. the phillies won six straight and they continue to play good baseball and they are now three up and have a three-game lead over the braves who is the team i root for. >> good to know. >> not that you realy care but they have have a threeame lead now. >>> thanks, buddy. >> that's all we have for you tonight. "saturday night live" is up next and we'll be back here tomorrow. until then, that's the news. good night! ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for
in the whales. >>> one phillies fan ditch today foam finger going all out to show support for his home team. a custom phillies paint job, seats and all the bells and whistles on this vintage ride. this took eight months to complete, but the fighting phillies fan hopes that it will be a world series charm. >>> and in new york, if you can't find joey ramoen's place, look up. the street sign has been stolen four times since 2003, forcing city officials to reinstall the placard 20 feet above street level. given how many times the sign has been stolen and given its new height, perhaps a gps is still your best bet when it comes to finding joey ramone, and by that we mean the street, not the person. >>> bill karins, were you a big ramones fan? >> i was not, actually. maybe at some point or another, i'll go back through that stage. that sign won't last past halloween, though, by the way. let's talk about what's happening in the tropics. yesterday, we have our tropical depression form. we have tropical moisture and there's a stream of it heading up the eastern seaboard. it's getting soggy down in so
but the heaviest rain looks to be from d.c. to baltimore to philly and eastern portions of pennsylvania are going to see a lot of rain. our computers are estimating anywhere between three to five inches of rain in this area with the bull's eye somewhere near i-95. your forecast today, veronica, middle of the country fantastic. wherever we are on the east coast this is probably one of the worst weather days in a long time. >> excellent, bill. thanks for that. you're going to need an umbrella and then some i guess. >>> oil climbs. scary foreclosure numbers. and mcdonald's threatens benefits. the "first look" at business straight ahead. >>> a first for david ortiz. one of the craziest endings you'll see. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ >>> welcome back to "first look." i'm veronica della cruz. here are the top stories making news. >>> newly released footage shows the potentially devastating power o
've dropped two straight. heading back to philly after 11 years, mcnabb played a total of 148 games during his 11 years with the eagles and leaves the franchise in pass attempts, completions -- leads the franchise in pass attempts, completions and yes, touchdowns. sunday he'll play against his former team for the very first time. if it's a big deal to him, he's not letting on. >> i think we have a little more motivation than just me going back to philly. obviously by the last two weeks it's a must win game for us. we feel like to possibly 2-0 in the division. there's a lot of factors that play into this and if it's an added bonus for them to try to win this game for me, that's great. >> he was there for 11 years. he brought a lot of wins to that team, a lot of good times. it will be interesting to see how they receive him back on the opposite side of the field. >> reporter: what's your guess, booze or cheers? >> you got to be -- boos or cheers? >> you got to be expecting some boos, but there will be probably some cheers as well for the fans that appreciate everything he brought to that program
nabb getting ready to return to philly. what he has to say about the hype of the game. before we go to break, bon joevy hoping for a blaze of glory at the rock 'n roll hall of fame. the band was announced as one of the possible inductees. neil diamond, alice cooper, thomas summer and the beastie boys are also on the list of possible inductees. n >> some good news as the flu season approaches, a study by the national institute of health has found over half the country is thought to be immune from the notorious swine flu. in fact, the nrh estimates 51% of the population is not susceptible to the h1n1 virus. the numbers will likely go up as people get their seasonal flu shots. >>> how's this for an attention grabber. our nation leads the country in kidney disease. if you're not directly affected, you probably know someone who is. will thomas shows us why two virginia sisters are preparing to walk for kidney disease. >> i have three kidneys, and their names are larry, curl andy mo. >> he's the best one obviously. >> reporter: they're sisters with a sense of humor who now share even a closer bond
by an increased risk of the whales being struck by the boats. >> >> one phillies fan ditched the finger went all out. a custom phillies paint job. it took eight months to complete, but the fighting phillies fan hopes it will be a world series charm. very nice. >>> in new york, if you can't find it, look up -- 20 feet. the street sign honoring the lake punk legend has been stolen four times since 2003 forcing officials to reinstall the placard 40 feet above street level. perhaps a gps is still your best bet for finding joey ramon place, not the person. >>> we turn to bill karins, with the forecast. there's plenty of nights you spent in ceebeejeebees. >> yeah, a little bit of a fan, not huge, enough. >>> this is tropical depression 16. i don't want to think of this system as a tropical storm or maybe even a tropical depression. it will be more like a nor'easter coming up the east coast. a lot of heavy rain, beach erosion. not going to do a lot with the wind damage. the hurricane center says it's now looking across the coast of florida. miami is drenched with rain. gusty winds, heavy rain, it start
cox tipping his hats to the fans in philly. he had eight ks in this one. bottom of the eighth, scoreless. not anymore. raul ibanez lines one deep to left. that's just fair. jayson werth comes home to score. it's 1-0, phillies. brad lidge, pitching in the ninth. and he gets martin prado to fly out to right to end the game. phillies win it, 1-0. >>> in the bronx, rays and yankees. delayed 2:11 due to heavy rain. bottom of the fifth. lance berkman, deep to right. his first as a yankee. his 14th of the year. tampa bay really had ground to gain. they started the evening 2 1/2-games back. and carl crawford helping the race' cause. 16th of the season. rays up 4-2. next batter, evan longoria, a shot to right center, deposited in the bullpen. tampa bay wins it 7-2. they are a game and a half back in the a.l. east. >>> that will do it from here. back to you guys in the studio. have a great day. >>> now, to the story a lot of people will be talking about this morning. a late-night sequel. joaquin phoenix gave fans what they've been waiting for. >> more than a year and a half when phoenix
to halt the red hot phillies. news 4 at 6:00 ctinues. >>> fans had a lot to cheer about last week with the big season opening against the cowboys. what about this week? the redskins hosting inside. darcy joins us outside the stadium. there can't be fan ws you outside the stadium? >> reporter: definitely not. the fans are kind of sticking around inside. they were euphoric after last weekend's win against the cowboys and today, fans are hoping the wins keep coming. they continue their tradition today in the parking lot doing some grilling before kickoff. fans are feeling confident after beating dallas last weekend. right now, they're feeling the skins are unbeatable. >> the old redskins would have not held the cowboys. but last week, it's a new team, a new coach and the texans don't know what's coming at them. >> it's going to be the best season we've had in a long time. redskins number one in this town with channel 4. >> i'm kind of scared, but i think we're going to be okay. >> 35 years of marriage today and we're at the redskins game. >> hail to e redskins. >> reporter: that's de
hungry whales. experts say concern about the whales being struck by boats. >>> one phaniticle phillies fan -- a foam finger going all out to show support for his home team. a custom phillies paint job, seats and all the bells and whistles on this vintage ride. this took eight months to complete, but the phighting phillies fan hopes that it will be a world series charm. >>> and in new york, if you can't find joey ramone's place, look up, look up. that's right. the street sign has been stolen four times since 2003, forcing city officials to reinstall the placard 20 feet above street level. given how many times the sign has been stolen and given its new height, perhaps a gps is still going to be your best bet when it comes to findy joey ramone place. place, place, place. not person. >>> bill karins has the weather forecast. you were definitely a fan. you and your mohawk? >> never had the mohawk. i know who the ramones are. i did listen a little bit. not a big fan but appreciated that era and some of the creativity. let's talk about the western heat wave. remember, 113 all-time record high
afternoon for the phillies. they win in the bottom of the ninth. right here, jayson werth, and the phillies win, 7-6. philadelphian independence. two overtimes, no score, and then in the 120th minute, rodriguez's scores, and they beat washington, 1-0. .the notre dame michigan state game last night on abc 7. they went into overtime hot, and there was a call on a fake field goal that led to a touchdown and a michigan state way. after it, the coach suffered a heart attack and had to go into surgery. he is not expected to return to his team anytime soon. and we are tied right now. >> >>> a quick look at the extended outlook, it could hit 90 degrees wednesday, thursday, friday, and we are just one day shy for the most 90-degree days my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2. or maybe 8? my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint. ♪ my "me time"... [ bang ] is when everybody's takin' shots at me. [ male announcer ] discover you time anytime. mccafé your day with a mcdonald's frappé. smooth and icy caramel or moc
conference tomorrow, and i guarantee you he'll say that sunday's reunion with philly is just another game. he's not out to prove anything to his former team because he's too smart to say otherwise. but don't believe him for one second. mcnabb may have pleasant memories of philly, but he would love to stick it to the eagles royally for giving up on him after 11 years of loyal service. we caught up with donovan in virginia tonight where he and his wife and other redskins wives were getting ready for a basketball showdown between the eagles wives. we asked donovan how the emotions are going so far? >> i couldn't even tell you yet. i mean, right now i've got practice tomorrow. it will be just as normal practice and we'll see how the game goes leading up to it. then i'll probably give you a better answer of the emotions. >> as for the redskins wives, they played a tune up. there is donovan's wife right there driving and nailing it. and a double 0 right there is dan snyder's wife tanya. the proud honeys in the crowd. and dan was there too. hoops now, pro hoops, gilbert arenas says he's not going to
nabb . >> i don't think the philly fans realize what they had until he left. we'll tell you the kind of reception he expects in philly. plus, guess who tested positive >> it's time for 9 sports with brad haber, the best sports in town. >>> for all we know, down deep in his heart, donovan mcnabb thinks the phillies are a bunch of appreciative jerks after giving up on him for 11 years. if he actually feels those things, he's too smart to say it to them. greg with what he did say to them. >> before donovan mcnabb took the field today, he did his best to down play his return to philadelphia. >> who doesn't have feelings getting ready for a game, i'm sure i'll have feelings. >> reporter: the media kept the pressure on mcnabb about his emotions for sunday's game. >> every player has a chip on their shoulder about something. is this something that i use? maybe just an added chip, i guess. the fans never appreciated his many accomplishments in his 11 years there. as for his return, he's expecting the best. >> hopefully cheers. >> reporter: but his teammates know better. >> they boo everybody
now. the nationals learning the hard way why the phillies are in first place. dan hellie has highlights from the matchup against them in sports. >> reporter: good morning. jason marquise took a step back last night national as starting pitcher pounded in philly. he gave up six rounds and didn't make it out of the first inning. that first inning barrage all the phillies needed as they cruised to victory in fronts of their 115th straight sellout at citize bank park. pret good baseball town up the road. ryan zimmerman lone bright spot. danny espinoza scores from second. nationals take a 1-0 lead. 84th rbi of the season. he was 4-4 of the night. first time he's done that all year. bottom of the first. nationals pitcher jason marquise had a miserable night. bases loaded. raul singles up the gut. chase utley comes in so does ryan howard 3-1. marquise goes what is going on. his troubles far from over. three batters later phillies up. oswald rips one into left field. marquise's night is over. faced nine batters and recorded one out. gave up six earned runs in one-third of an inning.
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at this catch with one hand. 17-14. the bears beat the cowboys. in baseball, a great afternoon. the phillies and the nats. the phillies winning at the bottom of the ninth, a man, jayson werth, at the plate. that is why there screaming and yelling in philadelphia. a walk off. -- that is why they are screaming and yelling in philadelphia. >> monday morning quarterbacking tomorrow. exactly. >>> >>> tomorrow, 5 to seven degrees cooler. are you ready for summer to make a comeback? we have a warm-up, and then the first day of autumn, well above average. near 90. >>> all right, we will be right back. >>> all right, we will be right back. ♪
had fun with the rookies in their game against the phils. phillies took the lead and first place in the n.l. east with an 8-7 win. the brewers hoffman became the first player to sakes 600 games. there it is, number 600. brewers bead the cards, 4-2. >>> what in the world has gotten into the blue jays? vernon wells has gone deep in two straight games. tornado handed texas its fifth straight loss, 8-5. >>> venus williams advanced to the semis in the open tennis. she's the lone american left in singles play. it's the second year that no american male has advanced to the quarters of the u.s. open. that's your first look at sports. >>> and now for another quick look at the weather, let's turn it over to bill karins with a look at the forecast. >> just a few umbrellas will be needed this morning up around boston, maybe in providence. we've got light rain heading through new hampshire and also in maine. i think these showers will come to new york city and philly is dry for the most part, even down here in d.c., the radar is picking up a few sprinkles coming out of the mountains. it shoul
and in sports the phillies celebrate another trip to the playoffs. whatcha doing little bite™? trying to be big like you, dad. you're so good at keeping everyone full... and focused with your fiber. [ laughs ] but you already are great at doing that. really? sure. you're made with fiber, just like me. but best of all, you're the perfect size for smaller kids. [ female announcer ] give your little ones kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats little bites™ cereal in chocolate and now original flavor. they're an excellent source of fiber packed in a smaller size. [ doorbell rings ] oh, it's original little bite™. we're off to practice keeping 'em full and focused. yeah! we've got big shoes to fill! >>> here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, rain, 80 degrees. miami, rain, 88. chicago, partly cloudy, 64. denver, sunny and 90. and l.a., it's a sunny 99. time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows that clear skies across much of the country, except for the east coast, where there are persistent storm clouds and thunderstorms bringing
, are they going to go in there and spend money on philly tv, chris? which is very expensive. >> enormous. >> i don't know. >> if you live in delaware, sort of a media suburb of philly. >> and these guys can read polls just like any of us. >> i think jury is out on this candidate and those who look down on her are doing what she wants you to do. it works. because a lot more people are down than up these days. thank you. >>> up next, senator jim demint has a goal for the next year in congress. total gridlock. you've got to give this guy credit. he says what he's going to do. destroy the u.s. government. can i have some ice cream please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah but i'm new too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank we treat all our customers fairly. with no teaser rates... ... and no minimum deposits. it's just the right thing to do. ... and no minimum deposits. ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies griller
going back to philly about a million times already, it is only wednesday. he has to be emotional. he played there for 11 years and they went to four straight nfc championships and won some super bowls. she wants to go back in there and prove he still has said and that the redskins are a better ball club than 1-2. >> everybody has a chip on their shoulder about something. is this something i use? i have all season ahead of me. >> donovan has a little something extra for this game, but it will be business as usual for us. >> the nfl might change that icing the kicker roule. so now, the nfl competition committee would like to see the rule change. when the offensive team is in field-goal formation, the defense cannot call a timeout after the center puts his hand on the ball. but that makes too much sense. >>> the nationals played their final home game tonight and it was not the way they wanted to finish. the phillies lineup was filled with reserves. only two regulars started. they blasted the nationals. the final was 7-1. >>> let's go to tampa. the orioles and the rays. deep balal.s the
into philly. check out new york, 73 degrees there. when we check out what's going on as of now, 58 degrees in baltimore, altoona 54 and pittsburgh 51. more of the same into charleston. 54 roanoke and 60 into philly. we're at 64 degrees into new york as of now. so yes, as you head out and about headed to school, grab the jacket because you will need it this morning. the moisture content once again is on the dry side so we'll factor that in with the winds so there could be a little fire danger. just not as bad as yesterday. the risk is still there. still the high dew points are down to the south where you are dealing with the sultry air. the winds are about 5 mile-per- hour sustained winds. hagerstown coming at 6:00 and d.c. is at 10:00. into york, we're about 5:00. then we could have gusts up to 20 miles per hour as we go throughout the day. the satellite and radar picking up on that canadian high. and we're getting that northwestly flow. the high will start to slade off towards the east as we -- slide off towards the east as we go into tomorrow. with that, we'll have a chance for a cold fr
a catch. number three, pivotal game between the phillies and braves. infante did his job. phillies win 1-0 their magic number is four. they are rock solid. number two tigers. will back hand blitz to johnny peralta. tigers win 4-2. padres are in first place because of that and cunningham airborne to rob matt kemp. we'll be right back. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in, you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. at&t. rethink possible. that's it. that one...right there. exactly how much did the other airlines make off with? ♪ it was like $25. was that one-way? or roundtrip? roundtrip. $50? did you have a second bag? yes. mm! it was $35. that's $120 roundtrip. [ gasps ] oh! ah! ♪ [ ding ] >>> joaquin phoenix shows back up on letterman tonight right? >> i think he's going to shave too. maybe actually even speak.
between the phillies and braves. infante did his job. phillies win 1-0 their magic number is four. they are rock solid. number two tigers. will back hand blitz to johnny peralta. tigers win 4-2. padres are in first place because of that and cunningham airborne to [ crowd cheering ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] 2-scoop sundae, water and a free mlb® mini helmet compliments of aquafina. baskin-robbins.
lopez may divorce his wife but he can never really get away from her. >>> the phillies pop the champagne and the battle of unbeatens goes down to the wire in chicago. >>> you're watching "early today." >>> good morning to you and welcome back to "early today." i'm veronica de la cruz and here are some of your taj headlines this morning -- north korean state media reports kim jong-il has appointed his son kim jong un. the promotion came just hours before a rare party ruling meeting to elect top leadership. this to elect its top leadership. >>> chilean president hugo chavez says his country is carrying out initial studies for carrying out a nuclear program. chavez brought the issue up during a news conference monday saying venezuela needs nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. >>> in georgia last night a prisoner who tried to kill himself last week by slashing his arms and throat was executed. 30-year-old brannon rhodes was put to death for killing three people in a burglary back in 2000. >>> a dallas judge has overturned the 1993 conviction of a deaf man sent to prison for raping a 5-year-
big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. >> another case of the philly's fan covered in red from head to toe. the security chased him down, but also one of the players helped them out. he spent the night in jail. it's not usually the mascots making the big hits, but this video is spreading across the area. rufus the bob cat regrets the incident that occurred, and he planned it for months. he said his attack from brutus provided with plenty of boos from the ohio state fans, and he is okay with that. -- haning has been let go as the mascot and apologized to the ohio state fans. >> he is no longer the mascot. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate. >> mascots were not supposed to talk and so the interview was not impressive, they just do the mind thing. >> i know ken is thrilled about this one. 87 this afternoon coming with a chance of thunderstorms, it will likely occur after 5:00. we have a bright lit sky early this morning. >>> 89 on thursday, 90 on friday, and we have 52 days higher than 90 degrees this summer. slipping in to the 80s on saturday.
including two children were shot. it happened yesterday outside a store in philly. police say a gunman opened fire and o a -- on a 19-year-old man and hit two children nearby, one of them said to be in critical condition. >>> in atlanta a man was shot and killed over a12-pack of beer. police say the gunman opened fire after the 48-year-old victim refused to give up the beer late yesterday. the search continues for the shooter. >>> well, it was definitely a big day for tv watching for football fans. >> the dallas cowboys home opener today, the team hoping to bounce back after last weekend's loss to the redskins. so did they do it? sports coming up next. wa >>> hi, everybody, i'm dave feldman. since 1978 only three teams have started the season 0-2 and reached the super bowls. cowboys did it in 19903 but didn't want to put themselves -- 1993 but didn't want to put themselves in a similar situation today with a loss to the bears. today heads up the sideline, fake out punter and goes 62 yards for the score dallas taking the lead 7-3. 2nd quarter, cutler lobs into the end zone for devin hes
with the tight race in the n.l. east. phillies starting wednesday in first place for the first time since late may. hosting florida. bottom four, two on for ryan howard. the big fella with his second homer in as many days. 250th of his career. he's not done. 9-0, philly. bottom seven, howard another base hit. shane victorino scores. howard went three for five with six rbis. phils win this one by a final of 10-6. >>> so, can atlanta keep pace? looking to bounce back with a win on wednesday, after losing to the pirates the day before. top three, 4-0, braves. derek lowe, laying down the bunt. daniel mccutcheon fields. throws it away. braves win 9-3. they remain a half-game behind philly in the n.l. east. >>> time to hoop it up. spain taking on serbia. quarterfinals of the fiba world championships. fourth quarter. spain down five. juan carlos navarro. three names, three-points. he led all scorers with 27. 30 to go. spin spain still down two. marc gasol to the rack. we're all tied at 89-89. still tied. 1-7 on threes at this point. pulling in from deep. serbia, 92-89. 3.1 on the clock. jorge garbajo
2006. >>> phillies and nationals. philadelphia, looking to clinch the n.l. east. top of the second. jayson werth, the bomb off john lannan. werth's 26th of the year. phillies up 1-0. more than enough for roy halladay. ins the second gets roger bernadina swinging. then, in the ninth inning, halladay still in there. he gets danny espinoza. halladay with a complete game shutout. the phillies win 8-0, to clinch the n.l. east division title for the fourth-straight year. >>> that's a look at sports this morning. i'm ducis rodgers. back to you in new york. >>> from politician to proud mom. the spotlight was on sarah palin last night, as she entered the ballroom for the first time. >> palin appeared on "dancing with the stars," to cheer on her daughter, who she referred to as bristol the pistol. bristol did well. the top score went to "dirty dancer" jennifer grey. >> we'll find out tonight who will be the second celebrity to get the boot. >> they asked her if she liked hollywood or alaska? >> i like hollywood. but i like alaska better. >>> coming up, a looming announcement from the preside
throughout the d.c. area. through philly and new york. it will be a rough day. this will be about a 24-hour event of heavy rain, gusty winds. new york city under a high wind warning. could see winds gusting to 50 miles per hour at times. the airports are going to be a mess. there's really no way around it. the morning commute will be hard enough. >> if you're traveling to d.c. from farther north get on the acela, is that your suggestion? >> trains will do well unless the tracks flood or a tree falls on them. not on the train. if they fall on the track and delay it. >> ugly day. >>> let's turn to some sports now. fans in florida lining up at the door for free tickets to the rays 'final home game in st. pete's yesterday. of course we reported that a few of the rays players were fed up and voiced that publicly at the lack of attendance at their games despite recent success as a team. the rays organization gave away 20,000 free seats to fans. that's one way to fill up the building. don't charge them to come. to the game itself. in the seventh the score tied at nothing. the orioles' felix pa. 36
in saves in '06 with san diego. another blow for the cards. they fall 4-2. >>> the phillies trying to catch the atlanta braves in the n.l. east. bottom of the fifth. score 3-3. ryan howard, off of chris volstad. howard's 27th homer of the year. phillies take a 4-3 lead. bottom of the eighth, placido polanco. and shane victorino, the flying hawaiian will score. the phillies are now in first for the first time since may. >>> and wnba action. the dream looking to defeat the liberty and advance the wnba finals. dream up 24-16. angel mccoughtry, steal in the lane. the dream up by ten. second quarter. dream up by 11. mccoughtry. drills the three. dream up by 14. third quarter, liberty by six. how about kathy pondexter? just sticks the tres. liberty down by three. they're making a run. late in the third, they're down by just one. and it's pondexter again. a phenomenal performance. 3 of her 36. the liberty take their first lead of the game. they're up by two. fourth quarter, dream up by three. mccoughtry, tough jumper. she sets a wnba record of 42 points. the dream advance to the finals. >>> you're
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the rays in the anc.l east. >>> why is it always philly? remember this one? we had to show you again. earlier this season, in philadelphia. a man tasered by a security guard. that's tough. well, we've got another one of those moments. in last night's braves/phillies game, a fan wearing a red spandex suit. ooh! goes onto the field. he gets away from security but braves' outfielder matt diaz literally steps in and takes down the masked man. just a little trip and a hip check there. after the game, diaz said, i saw this idiot coming right at me. i figured he'd be better off getting tripped than tased because he knows fans in philly get tased. nice play by that young man. >>> finally, the best action from college football over the weekend may have happened before kickoff in a case of mascot violence. take a look. ohio playing in-state rival ohio state at the horseshoe. okay, that's the ohio mascot, a bobcat, rufus the bobcat of ohio university runs onto the field and tries to tackle brutus buckeye. this is in columbus at ohio state. he's doing this on brutus' home field. it doesn't stop
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